Why buy an "Odyssey Urn"?

Urns are "Purveyors of Messages".
Odyssey Urns will tell a story about the life of the loved one. The urn will provide a standard history which might otherwise be taken for granted or even forgotten.Our fast-paced transient lives do not easily provide for a "family plot" in one location. "Portable Monuments" are a perfect solution.
About Cremation- Dust-to-Dust
The process of cremation involves returning the body to it's (original) elements, through a procedure of intense heat for aproximately three hours.
The process results in about 200 cubic inches (several pounds) of ashes and bone fragments (cremated remains). Crematories usually pulverize the remaining bone fragments, to reduce the volume.
Cremation is an ancient funerary practice. Most religious groups permit cremation, including Roman Catholic. The first cremation depicted in the Bible was for Saul and his sons in 1 Samuel 31.
How Are the Cremated Remains (Cremains) Handled?
The crematory will return the cremains in your pre-purchased urn to the family or funeral home. Otherwise, the cremains can be shipped in a temporary container, then transfered to the newly- purchased urn by the survivors. Temporary containers for cremains are available from the crematory in fiberboard, tin or plastic.
Earth Burial of Urns
Some cemetaries and Church Burial grounds also have designated areas for the (eventual) burial of urns. These can include exterior or interior columbrice (Structure Niches for urns). Some cemetaries require an urn vault for burial. If the urn is to be buried without a vault, be sure it is placed deeper than the frost line in cold climates, to ensure perfect preservation.
Can I Request the Crematory ship the cremated remains directly to Odyssey Urns?
Definately, Yes! You can request the crematory to ship the cremated remains directly to Odyssey Urns. I have a very secure, clean location for the storage of your loved ones cremains. Then, when your urn order is completed I can transfer the cremains into your new Odyssey Urn. Then, I will ship the urn (with the cremains inside) to your designated location. Be sure the crematory marks the package with all pertinant information--- and be sure to let me know it's coming.

Again.....Why should I chose Odyssey Urns?

Hand-Crafted, customized pottery urns for your cremated remains (or the remains of your special loved one).
Let your lifes story or accomplishments be told on the face of the urn you leave behind as you go on your odyssey to what lies for you on the other side of this life.
Ancient pottery from Crete and Cyprus have been excavated in excellent condition from almost 2,000 BC!!! When archeaologists unearth your urn in 4,000 years... What will the face of your urn tell them about who you were?
Don't purchase a generic, sterile, mass-produced urn, when you can remind the world exactly who you were?
If you had been a legendary hero during your life, you might have had a statue erected to honor your memory. But, most of us will not have accomplished a life that is monumental enough to warrant a large, grandiose, civic sculpture.

Let Odyssey Urns Create Your Legacy !!

Odyssey Urns are "Portable Monuments" Odyssey Urns are hand-made by artist Rose Belschner, in her home studios in Marcell, MN (summer) and Boca Raton, FL (winter).

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