Human Urns

fishing, fish, urn, fisherman
Urn for a Fisherman--Bobber knob

 Urns Hand-Made and Shipped Direct from the Artist. 

 I take commissioned orders to your unique specifications.  Odyssey Urns are hand-crafted from clay and fired in a kiln.  Odyssey Urns are perfect for display or burial.
I make Urns with many different types of clays and glazes, which can match the final look you desire.
      Remind the world of who you were with your unique Odyssey Urn.
 Here are just a few ideas on how customized your pottery urn can look.

Rose Urn, flower urn, rose vine, roses
Rose Garden Urn

Native American Urn, Eagle Urn
Southwest Indian Eagle Urn -- Sold

Totem Pole, Totem, Raven Totem
Totem Pole Urn

Monkey Urn, Monkey Keepsake Urn, Sunshine Urn
Fish Urn, Red Snapper Urn, Flounder Urn, Saltwater Urn
Urn for a Saltwater Fisherman

Buffalo Cremation Urn Totem Urn Totem Pole Urn
Musky Fish Urn, Keepsake Fish Urn
Urn for a Musky Fisherman
Totem Urn Turtle Urn Wolf Urn Bear Urn Warrior Feather Urn White Feather
Totem Urn -- Sold
Fish, Fisherman, Keepsake
Fish Urn - Keepsake Size Fish Urn

Piano, keyboard, urn
Keyboard Urn
Portions Urn, Baseball Urn, Detroit Tigers
Baseball Portion Urn -- Sold
Twigs in Nature Urn
Ammunition Urn, Ammo Urn, Gun Urn
Shot Gun Shells Urn
Memory Ribbon Urn
New York Urn, Skyline Urn, Sun Urn
New York Skyline Urn -Sold
Shrine Urn, Extra Large Urn
Shrine Urn -- Sold
Canoe Ceremony, Canoe Paddle, Cedar strip hat
Canoe Journey - Blanket Wrap
Lighthouse Urn, Beacon Urn, Light House Urn
Lighthouse Urn w/votive candle

Blanket Wrap, Blanket Urn, Blanket Wrap Ceremony
Blanket Wrap -- Sold
Mason Symbol Urn
Masonic Symbol Urn

Large Book Urn
Book Urn -- Sold
Harp, Stringed Instrument Urn, Guitar Urn, Banjo Urn
Harp Urn

star urn, comet urn, keepsake urn, portion urn, starburst urn
Comet Urn - Star Burst Urn

I can create your unique request.  Call me with your ideas.

Rose Belschner  561-419-5741 EST

wolf urn, wolf, spirit of a wolf, wolf totem, totem urn, totem, wolf
Wolf Urn - Spirit of the Wolf
SW and NW Native Design mixture