Pet Urns

Lots of Doghouse Urn Options

These examples of past pet urns I have made, are meant to give you ideas for a custom urn for your pet.  See the urns some of my happy customers have received!  :)

Lizard Urn for Rusty, a lizard chasing dog!

Textured Black Box with frame and tags tab
BooBoo Kitty's Urn

tarantula spider urn, spider urn, mexican red knee spider urn
Tarantula Urn - Spider Urn

Mikko Kitty Urn with frame a tags tab

Rounded Boxes for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, etc

Iguana Urn, Gecko Urn, Lizzard
Iguana Urn - Lizard Urn

sitting cat urn
Sitting Cat Urn
Poodle Pet Urn, Poodle Keepsake Urn, Fluffy Dog
Custom urn for Moochie

Keepsake Tree Urn, Oak Tree Urn, Maple Tree Urn, Tree
Small Keepsake Tree Urn
Urn for Buster Brown 

Dog House Urn in brown  glaze

Dog House Urn

White Doghouse

Dog Urn with photo frame and tag tab

Call me with your unique Pet Urn ideas.  561-419-5741