Full Size Human Urn ---$500-$1,200
Keepsake Portion Human Urn -- $150-$500

Full Size Pet Urn -- $125-$500
Keepsake Portion Pet Urn --$75-$350

Stanley Cup urns start at $950, due to the cost of the white gold luster glaze.

Full Size Human and Pet Urns

Each urn is very different and unique.  Exact pricing can not be quoted, until further consultation.
Also, I need to know the approximate weight of the person or pet before they died.  This weight will help me to size the volumn of the urn correctly.  For example, a person that weights about 175 lbs. will produce about 175-200 cubic inches of cremated remains, so I would need to make an urn that holds at least 10-12 cups of volumn.
Please specify if you would like your urn to also be used as a memorial vase. I will be sure to properly glaze and kiln-fire to hold water.

Human and Pet Keepsake/Portion Urns

Many people desire to send/give a small portion of the cremains to a special loved one that lives too far away or is unable to travel. 
I make Portion Urns, to hold about a 1/2 to one full cup "portion" of the cremains. These small urns can be very simple or they can be more intricate with your unique design request. Most of my Portion Urns range from $75 to $500, depending on the amount of time required to make. Please keep in mind these urns are much smaller and do not have as much space for decoration and personnal information as a full size urn. Please call / email / text for pricing.

All urns are hand-crafted to your specifications and are deliverable in 3-4 weeks. Whenever possible I like to use the USPS for shipping, but if the price is quite different, I use UPS.  I will ship to any country (which may include addition value taxes)

Please call or email me for pricing of an extra large or double sized urn which may have a higher cost depending on size and details required.